4 Reasons to Choose Our Drive Up Storage Units | DFT Storage Decatur

Published on 3/3/2021

Ease of Access

When considering the benefits of choosing our drive up storage, the most obvious is how accessible they are for the person renting them. You can drive your vehicle directly to the unit, rather than traveling in and out of a building. Because drive-up storage is also often used for bulk items, this reduces the need to carry very heavy things which reduces stress and risk of damage to your belongings.

Lower Cost

Generally speaking, storage units located outside are more budget friendly.  They don't need to accommodate a climate controlled environment,  the drive-up storage units are lower cost and more accessible.  Unless you intend to store items that are sensitive to the elements, outdoor storage may be your best option.

Different Sizes

Each customer has unique storage requirements, DFT Self Storage offers different options to meet whatever your needs may be.  These unit sizes range from a modest 5x5 selection up to a spacious 10x25 option for when you need to super-size your space.

Storing Seasonal and Bulky Items

Many renters will delegate their storage units for storing seasonal or bulky items that take up space in their home. Similarly, drive up space is great for storing temporary utilities that might take up too much space in your garage and that you don't use daily such as ladders and lawn equipment.